Anelka: Arsenal will bounce back

FOOTBALL 2008-2009 Chelsea - Anelka - 0

Former Gunner Le Sulk has been having his say on everything narrowed towards meltdown in the footballing world. EuroSport blogger Anelka thinks Arsenal will bounce back from the shock defeat, and thinks there is no need to panic. Here is his full interview;

At the weekend, Chelsea faced a team who play in what you could call a typical English style. Stoke kept a lot of men behind the ball and tried to counter-attack whenever they could.

Every time that they had the opportunity, they would get the ball wide and try and put crosses in for their big guys, which is when they are at their most dangerous. And when those centres are blocked, they have a chance to get the long throws that they are becoming famous for.

But Chelsea won the match by controlling it from start to finish, from end to end. We played like we usually do, by defending as a team, attacking as a team and by having that extra quality, both as individuals and collectively.

I think that extra quality makes the difference, even in tough clashes like these. Another side with that extra quality also played against a typically English team. But Arsenal lost at home to Hull City. Now that was a big, big surprise!

What I mean is that Arsenal’s defeat was surprising – not the fact that Hull won. Hull winning is completely believable, because from the beginning of this season they have had some pretty impressive results and performances.

But it is unusual because, only the week before, Arsenal went to one of those difficult places in the North, where people say they struggle. But they still won against a very physical Bolton side.

The thing is, Hull played really well, scored a great goal and, to be fair, Arsenal missed a lot of opportunities to kill the game off. Maybe Arsenal still have that slightly shaky side to them when they play physical, aggressive sides like Hull. But they are a young team, a team that is learning very quickly.

So I am sure that next time they have a similar type of game, they will have learned from their mistakes and worked out how to win it.

Arsenal will bounce back from this.”

Indeed, doth hast belief.


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